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Booking / Get a Quote

Yes , you can book online additional extras, through Central Reservation ( +351 ) 244 812 309 , in email or directly when picking up the car (subject to availability ) .

- Safe own damage ( CDW) with deductibles applied according to the type of vehicle (see the fleet ) - Third party insurance - Insurance against theft - I.V.A. the legal rate - Mileage rate as in force - Roadside Assistance .

Super CDW free franchise payment in case of accident with responsibility, with the exception of cases of neglect, misuse , driving while impaired by alcohol or other illegal substances . For better protection subscribe to WDW - Insurance breaking glass .

You can make a reservation simulation and check availability online car without making a reservation. You can also with its Simulation to evaluate through our email or contact our Reservations Center ( +351 ) 244 812 309

You will receive a confirmation email containing the details of your reservation.

Yes. You should contact our Central Reservation through ( +351 ) 244 812 309 or , always indicating the reservation number . Cancellation of reservations and since that take place within 48 hours before the date the reservation is no charge . After this period is charged an amount equal to 30 % of the booking value .

Minimum age of the driver and additional drivers is 22 years for all rental vehicles. Drivers must have valid driving license for at least two years . Exceptions: can be rented vehicles to drivers aged 18-22 years, but will apply a fee to the young driver worth 30 € and subject to approval .

Yes, with the rate applied in force.

Yes . Grossorent offers an A Delivery Service or Collection , through which no longer have to move to one of our stations to raise or deliver your rental car , since it can be delivered and collected in a place agreed on your preference . This service may be requested in your Book or through our Reservation Center , subject to availability and related costs .

Can be partially or fully reduced by hiring optional insurance, depending on the vehicle and number of days.

You can confirm the values making a reservation simulation, since it varies depending on the type of vehicle and optional insurance contracted. You can also see the values in the "Fleet".

If there is injury, your responsibility during the rental, you will be charged you the amount corresponding to the repair up to the maximum deductible, except in cases of negligence, as our general terms.Each process with sinister management, has a cost of € 100 for administrative expenses.

The rental is valid throughout mainland Portugal . If the client wishes to cross the border to Spain , should select the " Cross the Border " ( extra) with a surcharge of € 75 . For other countries , please contact the reservation center for the number +351,244,812 309. The rented vehicle may not move out of Portugal without the appropriate authorization from Grossorent .

Payments / Deposits

- Credit cards: MasterCards , Visa ; - Debit Cards ; - Cash ; - Bank transfer

- Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCards and American Express;

Pick Up

Yes, at the time of delivery is made a thorough check of the car, the driver along with an official of Grossorent in order to update the data on the rental agreement on the status of the vehicle. This procedure is repeated in the recovery of the vehicle.

1) Driving license issued for more than two years and valid in the EC; 2) Identification document, passport, identity card / citizen card; 3) taxpayer card for residents in Portugal; 4) Credit Card.

Unfortunately in these situations is not possible because the presentation of all documents is required to rent a Grossorent vehicle and requires the law in Portugal.

Because it's faster your query but you can contact us for Grossorent directly to helping in your rental.

Drop off

You can extend the length of rental time of removal or during the rental. You should contact the Grossorent by calling ( +351 ) 244 812 309 or go to the nearest rental station. The extension is subject to availability of the car and charge .

Parking tickets and any violation of traffic rules are the contract holder's responsibility that should settle before returning the car. Fines received in Grossorent Stations after the end of the rental contract holder is identified with the competent authorities. Similarly, all the values associated with tolls, SCUT's or other similar occurred during the rental are the responsibility of the driver.

If you need to contact the Grossorentt for any object left inside of our cars, you can do so through our Reservations Center (+351) 244 812 309 or However, the Grossorent accepts no responsibility for items left in the vehicle at the end of the rental.

Yes, Grossorent have available the service " After Hours " to respond to situations outside the opening hours of our offices . This should be requested from one of our offices , by calling ( +351 ) 244 812 309 or until at least 24 hours in advance ( needs confirmation) .

We have a customized process and very quick to collect the vehicle at Airports . Please contact us to inform you of the return procedure.

Yes . The customer can associate a second driver upon payment of a fee in effect called po Additional Driver and fulfills the conditions required by the Grossorent for car rental.

You should contact our headquarters through ( +351 ) 244 812 309 or by phone numbers in the door of the car keys. After this contact call Roadside Assistance for the number that is printed on the car insurance.

You should always fill the friendly Auto Accident Statement ( DAAA ) and call the authorities (No. 112) . Should report to Grossorent and give us nearer escriorios , all information relating to the claim documentation ( DAAA and the Occurrence of Auto provided by the authorities ) .

The vehicle must be returned to the same time of pickup (with a tolerance 1h ) . After this is charged 1 extra day.

A premium on the cost of Rate of Return to the place of origin may be applied , unless previously agreed with the Grossorent .

The Grossorent tries to ensure the maximum delivery of the car as his chosen model , when it is not even possible for adverse reasons , we guarantee a very similar vehicle.

Because: we are honest , we want to help those visiting Portugal , help to choose the car you want, we are 24 hours at work and want to achieve a Client and make a friend .